White Doves Gold Plan 3995 Euros

This plan is ideal for those who would prefer a traditional send off.
This plan provides a full, comprehensive funeral service that is very similar to the services you would expect in the UK and allows enough time for friends and family to travel and say their goodbyes. Only available in mainland Spain at this price.

The plan includes:

Setting up and administering your plan
Communication with the Funeral Director
Provision of the Funeral Director´s services including conveyance of the deceased to the funeral home and preparation and care of the deceased
5 days’ mortuary expense – an important part of the cover which allows time for family to arrive
Supply of a quality veneered coffin
Supply of a small spray of coffin flowers
Religious or Humanitarian service
Cremation fees
Death certificates
Supply of a quality urn
Cremation certificate to allow the ashes to be taken aboard an aircraft
Family Support & attendance at funeral by one of our representatives