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For many choosing to have a celebration of the life of a loved one can be a great comfort and help aid the grieving process. This is something we can help with and may include organising a celebration of life memorial service, separate to or part of a non-religious ceremony.

In choosing to do this you will still need to give consideration to a number of areas but can have the freedom to move away from the traditional funeral approach, for example.

• Dress code does not have to be black
• Venue does not have to be a church or crematorium

Alternatively you may choose a traditional funeral and then prefer to celebrate life with something more personal afterwards

• Planting a memorial tree
• A celebration at sea
• Holding a campfire gathering
• Celebrating with live music
• Creating a memory book of favourite memories and pictures
• Planning a balloon or lantern release

Whichever you choose, we are on hand to help you. This can be arranged when you are ready and not under pressure and traumatised, following the death of your loved one.

Feel free to call us to discuss or pop into our main office in Benijofar, Alicante. 

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