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I would like a service to be arranged prior to my cremation for my family and friends to attend and pay their last respects

We Recommended Our Gold Funeral Plan Here

I would prefer not to have a service and instead have a couple of extra days mortuary so that my family can travel to Spain and have the option for a private viewing prior to my cremation so that they can say their goodbyes

We Recommended our Silver Funeral Plan Here

I want a basic cremation with my ashes passed to my loved ones afterwards so that they do not have to rush to travel to Spain

We Recommend our Bronze Funeral Plan Here

Our Plans

Bronze Plan


If you prefer to spare your family the need to travel to Spain upon your passing, our Bronze Plan is the ideal choice for you.

Silver Plan


If providing time for your loved ones to travel to Spain to say their goodbyes is important then the Silver Plan is the right choice for you.

Gold Plan


A more traditional type of funeral if a service with a religious or humanitarian Celebrant is required before your cremation.

Emerald Plan


You live in Spain and travel to Ireland from time to time and want to be sure that whichever country you die in your funeral will be taken care of.



This plan is designed for those who wish to be repatriated with dignity to their home country from their residence in Spain.

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Setting up and administering your plan
 Communication with Funeral Director
Conveyance of the deceased to the funeral home
Preparation and care of the deceased
Supply of a veneered coffin
Cremation fees
Death certificates – International and Spanish
Supply of an urn
Cremation certificate to allow the ashes to be taken aboard an aircraft
Family Support
 Upto two mortuary days and option for private viewing
Private viewing of the deceased
 5 days’ mortuary expense 
Supply of a small spray of coffin flowers
Religious or Humanitarian service
Cover for both Spain and Ireland
One plan covers 2 people on a first death basis
Interest free instalments available with low depost
Pay in full at comencement