Silver Funeral Plan €3,195

It is important to consider the wishes and needs of your family when making decisions about your funeral. If providing time for your loved ones to travel to Spain with the opportunity for a private viewing and chance to say their goodbyes is important then the Silver Plan is the right choice for you.

This package includes 2 days’ mortuary which will allow time for family to travel to Spain, if they choose to, along with a private family viewing at the funeral home so that they can pay their last respects. This does not include a service.

We will ensure your loved ones are kept informed throughout the process and offer them whatever support we can both during and after your cremation, even if they are not in Spain. Your ashes will be securely stored until your family can collect them along with the necessary paperwork. Once the plan is paid in full, there are no additional costs for your family to worry about.

Also, as standard in all our plans, the following are included:

If you buy our Silver plan now, you can upgrade to our  Gold plan at a later date if you decide you would like your family to have the option for a service included. You can upgrade at anytime by simply paying the difference in the price between the plans. See our other plans for details.