Gold Funeral Plan €3,995

The decision to include a service before cremation is a personal one that should be based on the wishes of the individual and their family. For some, a more traditional type of funeral is what will help their loved ones come to terms with their loss the most. So, if a service with a religious or humanitarian Celebrant is more in keeping with what you would like before your cremation, then the Gold Plan is the best plan for you.

This package provides 5 days’ mortuary time, which gives time for family to travel to Spain as well as a service. At the service in the funeral home, either a religious or humanitarian celebrant can be present who will talk to your loved ones prior to the service so that they can make it a personal and meaningful goodbye. A spray of flowers for the coffin and music to be played during the service is also included. We can help your loved ones with choices on both the music or flowers but you can register your preference with us if you have in mind what you would like.

We will ensure your loved ones are kept informed throughout the process and offer them whatever support we can both during and after your cremation, even they are not in Spain. Your ashes will be securely stored until your family can collect them along with the necessary paperwork. Once the plan is paid in full, there are no additional costs for your family to worry about.

Also, as standard in all our plans, the following are included: